Aruni Dharmakirthi is a Sri Lankan born, textile and digital artist based in Brooklyn, NY. They received an MFA in Visual Studies at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Their work has been shown nationally and internationally in galleries including Housing in Brooklyn, NY and Disjecta in Portland, OR. Aruni has participated as an artist in residence at the Bric Workspace Residency (NY), Centrum Emerging Artist In Residence (WA), and Caldera PNCA MFA Residency (OR).


I am interested in exploring how narrative is essential in establishing a sense of identity.  In my current process of making, I utilize digital and textile collage to explore the formation of self. I use symbols and archetypes based in South Asian and Western mythologies as an initial point to expand and reimagine from. Symbols are a bridge between the ancient and the immediate. To viewers they function like hyperlinks to histories, locations and identities.

I think about my collages as both vessel and shrines to hold personal and collective stories.